Center for Quantum Materials


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The Center for Quantum Materials is dedicated to the advancement of materials physics research through strengthening ongoing experimental and theoretical/modelling efforts in modern material and the development of new research directions and collaborations. Moreover, we provide essential educational opportunities in modern materials science. The center will:

  • Help organize the KTH condensed matter community. Strengthening connections between theory and experiment within KTH will open up new interactions and make the whole bigger than the sum of parts as new opportunities develop. We are aiming to bring stronger international recognition to the condensed matter and materials physics efforts at KTH.

  • Provide the community with a forum to develop new directions and collaborations. Condensed matter physics research at KTH will improve its focus and be better positioned by utilizing existing synergies with available theoretical physics efforts at other institutions on campus: KTH, SU and Nordita.

  • Position us to pursue major funding opportunities in Sweden by presenting a unified approach focused on efficient coupling between theoretical modelling of novel correlated materials, non-equilibrium statistical mechanics and experimental efforts in materials physics. Center will also position KTH to compete in the international arena in EU, US and Asia.

  • Directly impact quality of education at KTH.